a disclaimer of sorts

The purpose of this blog is for entertainment value only.  I am not a medical professional of any kind – I am simply a Mom going through the same fight as thousands of other mothers with the Alphabet Soup of diagnoses (ADHD, ODD, LD, Spectrum…….etc, etc.), medication questions, alternatives, “professional opinions,” and frustration.  I am here to let the rest of you know that you are not alone in this fight.  And there is nothing wrong with your so-called “special ed” kid, and that whatever “label” the school and/or society tries to scare you with is just a bunch of Horse Hockey (to quote Colonel Potter).

And honestly, if your friends are trying to tell you how to parent, stop listening right now.  Even if they too know the adventure of having an amazing out of the box kid, they don’t know *your* kid.  You are the parent and you know that kid better than anyone ever will.

I am merely here for moral support, in the search of moral support, and to hopefully lend some humor to the craziness.

Always go with your gut!

-mother gumption-


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