foot loose and gluten free

Parenting Truth:  You can cover up the fact that you swapped out your kid’s favorite regular pasta with rice noodles if you use enough Parmesan cheese.

I wish my son would eat.

And not just eat, but really EAT, as in a varied diet and not the same 5 things over and over again.

Because ADHD and the rest of the alphabet soup can be challenging enough without throwing in the monkey wrench of extreme picky eating.

He loves bread and biscuits and pasta (no sauce, thanks!), and pizza.

I love a challenge, so we’ve decided to try going Gluten Free (GF) after reading article after article about the link between Gluten and frontal lobe craziness and subsequent success stories. Check out the search here.

That leaves hot dogs, bananas, french fries, and Cheerios.  (Shout out to Honey Nut Cheerios for being GF!)  I am trying out different GF substitutes, and some are sticking but just a head’s up —>I have yet to discover a good GF biscuit mix.  They came out like pale hockey pucks, but the chickens enjoyed them.  (I think…..they have  wider diet than the kiddo does.)  We did try the GF pasta made out of corn and quinoa and it was delicious- much more like regular pasta.  (Rice pasta just isn’t the same in my honest opinion.)

And smoothies, when he deigns to drink them.  I pack them full of spinach and protein powder and yogurt………..and sometimes ice cream in order to bribe him to drink them because then it’s technically a milkshake.

I see all these amazing “kid friendly” recipes and my inner cynic just laughs and we move on to make another box of mac and cheese.

I truly believe that someday, he will eat a vegetable in the light of day without it being blended into a secret concoction while he isn’t looking.  Until that day………pass the hot dogs and please don’t tell him I’ve been swapping his plain macaroni noodles for rice noodles when I make Macaroni and Cheese.

-mother gumption-



One thought on “foot loose and gluten free

  1. I’m in a similar boat. My 12 year old boy loves anything with bread, and has some severe attention span issues. He hasn’t been diagnosed as of yet, but I think he has that frontal lobe development issue you mentioned above. We’re going to go GF and I’m researching breakfast recipes like crazy because he wants cereal or toast for breakfast. And…that’s it. I hear you and you are not alone. Here’s to getting kids to eat veggies and fruits and trying new foods. 🙂 We will prevail!


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