Mama 1, Gluten 0

The transition has been rough, and is still on-going.

There was a very angry boy living in my house over the weekend.  Angry at me because I’ve taken away the gluten.  And by taking away the gluten, I’ve taken away all the good things.

Donuts, cake, pizza, biscuits, fresh bread, saltine crackers, chicken nuggets, HOT. DOG. BUNS.

I know- commence throwing rotten produce at me – I am a horrible mom.  A no-good awful horrible mom.

So, I let him eat gluten after going 3 weeks without.  He had pizza and cake at a birthday party, cookies and crackers at our “Quack-Ology” class at the nature center (more about that in the next post!)  I let him go nuts for gluten over the weekend.  (I did slip some GF Trader Joe’s waffles in there….which were a mild success)

Monday morning, here comes the sun.  We are driving to school, eating GF cheerios and banana slices, jamming to our music.  And then………………

“Mama, my head hurts, and my tummy is poky (code for gassy), and I feel icky all over.”

My inner mother was doing the “I told you so” dance.

My outer mother was very sympathetic, but candid.  “Sorry sweet boy, but that’s the gooey gluten gumming up your innards.”  (Yeah- I really did say that.)

He made it through the day, with his GF lunchbox and his GF dinner before tutoring.  Then we sat down at the computer and I introduced him to Pinterest, that most wonderful visual feast of images and ideas.  (Follow me at Mother Gumption!)  And the day was saved as we scrolled through and pinned all the GF recipes we could find.  Including….

Donuts, cake, pizza, biscuits, fresh bread, chicken nuggets, and mozzarella sticks.

Honestly, this amazing Funfetti style cake from What The Fork is what initially saved the day, because it meant that he could have a REAL birthday cake on his birthday.

Gluten Free Funfetti Cake from What The Fork Food Blog | @WhatTheForkBlog

Source:  What the Fork blog

Maybe, he thought, maybe gluten isn’t the end all and be all.  Maybe there’s something just a little bit healthier out there for me.

Don’t give up, fellow mothers and fathers and such……….keep fighting the good fight, and eventually we might just win a battle or two.

mother gumption


3 thoughts on “Mama 1, Gluten 0

  1. What do you do for lunches for your little? Mine is due to finish the school lunches I paid for tomorrow and I’m starting to get mildly concerned about lunches going forward. That cake looks amazing!!!! Alas, I shouldn’t send that with him for lunch. 😉


    • So, the short answer is to see what you have on hand that you can patch a lunch together with. It doesn’t have to be fancy (or weird)- for starters, think of shish kebabs. A couple of toothpicks loaded with ham or turkey rolls, cheese, and grapes, and you have a main course. Add some tortilla chips, a fruit cup (or other fruit/ veggie), and of course, dessert. That’s a pretty good lunch, and I would definitely eat it! Thank you for the inspiration: I will have a blog post about lunches up this weekend!! –mother gumption–

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      • Thanks for the ideas! I tend to think I need to serve him a 5 course meal or lunch in order to meet the high standards I have set for myself. Let it go, woman. I would definitely eat the lunch you described too! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂


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