Don’t Lick the Envelopes

There are times in your life when things change, irrevocably.  Tuesday afternoon was one of those times.  That’s when we found out that we cannot continue on our loosey goosey, kinda sorta, gluten free lifestyle.  Over the last year, we’ve been gluten free, mostly.  Mostly coming into play when it was doughnut day at work, or when A attended a birthday party.  He was the one that was supposed to be gluten free.  I was gluten free for moral support, and only when he was looking.

As it turns out, both of us are gluten intolerant, and must now go strictly gluten free.

 “That includes your makeup, Mom.”

 Life. Changing. Moment.

We switched recently from a doctor who only focused on the one thing:  ADHD/anxiety.  She didn’t treat the rest of the body, even when I voiced concerns over lack of appetite, weight loss, and increasing side effects.  Our new practitioner is homeopathic/ holistic and works hand-in-hand with our family doctor to ensure that our entire bodies are taken care of.  We have our traditional medicine for strep throat and pneumonia (both recent adventures for us), and we have our homeopath for “maintenance.”

As it turns out, A’s body doesn’t absorb nutrients/ protein like it’s supposed to, and definitely doesn’t process waste and get it out like it’s supposed to.  This leads to all kinds of sticky wickets, including the extreme picky eating and the way ADHD/anxiety meds seemed to build up in his system like a residue, despite the traditional provider telling me that it “wasn’t possible.”

As it turns out, he gets this particular allergy from me.

That said, I am back at figuring out how to be Gluten Free, and not just mostly gluten free, but 100% gluten free.  All the time.  Everywhere.

Fortunately, I have some friends who are also GF, including one of the legal assistants at my firm.  She called my desk today and said “Don’t lick the envelopes” which is secret GF code for Most glue has gluten in it, so licking envelopes to mail out bills is a bad idea.  She also saved the day and gave me a gluten free Kind granola bar as kind of a private gluten free party while the rest of the firm was gorging itself on doughnuts.

With any luck, you will be seeing more of me, and my (mis)adventures.

Until next time, I remain,

mother gumption



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