Books Make All Things Better….

I ordered three books, all about gluten free living.  I’m frugal, so I bought two used, and one brand new since the used price was nearly the same as the new, and Amazon Prime shipping is the best thing since gluten free pretzels.

I understand now why this cookbook’s resale value was so high.  I honestly feel like every time someone is told that they have to go gluten free, two things should happen:

  1. they should be given a massive hug and told that it’s really not all that bad; and,
  2. they should be gifted a copy of this book:


It came on Friday and I’ve already tabbed 15 recipes and made 2, with plans to make another on Thursday night.  The first thing I made was a chicken and vegetable dish, which is gluten free anyway, but it was fast to make up and so delicious.  The other thing I made was a gluten free coffee cake to take to work for a team member’s birthday, who isn’t gluten free but also knows I’m not about to contaminate my kitchen for him.  The coffee cake was a hit, and my fellow gluten free secretary was happy to be able to partake for a change.  Long story short…………..go buy this cookbook!

Tonight I made a chicken pesto spinach soup with white beans………here’s the link at Gimme Some Oven (what a great name!)  Again, this went together so fast and easy, and it’s delicious.  I managed to make it between running to the local co-op and getting A to his drum lessons.  And don’t worry – this doesn’t make so much soup that you will go numb from eating it.  Just make sure your chicken broth and pesto are gluten free.

Keep watching for more recipes, adventures, and gf cookbook reviews!

mother gumption



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