Just Look at My Biscuits!

Good Sunday morning!

I may need an intervention – I have purchased 8 gluten free cookbooks in the last two weeks.  Amazon is an enabler.  Specifically, the used books aspect of Amazon.  The one I’m most excited about is Alternative Baker


I was inspired to buy it after watching the first episode of The Great British Bake Show season 2 on Netflix (and PBS.org).  One of the bakers made a gluten free sandwich cake that the judges were plainly surprised by – I doubt they anticipated how delicious it was.

I have always been a baker, from the time I was a little girl and watched my Gramma in the kitchen, baking (usually without a recipe) in her flour sack aprons.  It’s the family joke that I can’t ever stick to a recipe – I always improve it or tweak it or add something to make it mine.  I tried one of those mail order meal kit services once, and was completely disappointed by the meals they sent, so I took the ingredients and did things my own way.  Anyway, back to baking……….the hardest part of taking kiddo gluten free, and now transforming the whole house into gluten free, has been the lack of baking.  Pies, biscuits, cakes, cookies, breads (I used to make a fresh loaf every two days), on and on and on.

I do love a challenge though, so I am arming myself with cookbooks, fresh wooden spoons, and my apron, and I will tackle baking just like I tackle everything else – with grit and gumption.  Yesterday morning, I made biscuits, many thanks to Bob Red Mill’s Biscuit Mix!  I mostly followed the recipe (I added a little more buttermilk than strictly called for – the air is very dry here right now).

I mean – just look at those biscuits!  They were a complete and total hit too, especially smeared with fruit and honey jam.  Baking does exist in a gluten free world!  I’m so excited!


Isn’t that the truth?  (edited by yours truly.)

mother gumption


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