Marion, Not Just a Librarian…..

If you don’t immediately recognize that title as the lyrics to a song……..please go educate yourself on one of the best musicals ever………..The Music Man.

*disclaimer:  all opinions offered are my own, except the one about The Music Man- that’s a fact.  Nobody mailed me the following meal kit to try – I bought it last Saturday at Kroger and I may have danced a little when I found it.*

There were three things that I genuinely grieved when I had to give up gluten:  freshly baked bread, really good craft beer (especially an IPA made with Cascade Hops), and Chinese food.  I can chow down on some General Tso’s chicken.  The spicier, the better.

Enter Marion’s Kitchen cooking kits.


Do you see the giant GLUTEN FREE stamp on that bad boy?  I whipped it up for Sunday supper with some brown rice, and while it wasn’t as amazing as some freshly deep fried and tossed in MSG meat that I hope is chicken, it definitely scratched the itch.  I made it *exactly* as the instructions said……GASP……I know.  Next time, I will add more red pepper flakes, and probably teach myself how to make General Tso’s sauce.  But for a quick meal, or to satisfy the craving for Chinese food, this fits the bill.  There are a number of kits that are gluten free and available in the market, so I encourage you to try them, and doctor them if you are adventurous!


If I am, in fact, able to figure out how to make a really good Tso sauce, I will of course share it with you, my adoring fans.  (Hi Mom!)

Until later…….

mother gumption




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